Monday, August 31, 2009

Yey, Nanny Part Deux

The other night when Angel, my messy 9 year old, got out of the shower, she found a mysterious note on her bed. It was addressed to ANGEEEL, Room Hit by Toricane (Tornado & Hurricane), 2nd Flor, suite 55555.54, Atlanta, GA 55555. The return address said, "Fishy, DaMoon & Friends" (the names of stuffed animal friends that live in Angel's room.)

Here's what it said inside:


Hi, um...I wuz wondering if you mit clean up your rumm. I invited sum friends ovr on Saturdey and Frankly, I'm emabarrazzed ABOUT the stuff on alL ovr the Flor. Plz. excuze my spelling...I got separated from my school of FISH. Clean up yur ACT or Elz!

Fishy (signified with a drawing of a fish)

Best. Nanny. Ever.

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