Friday, March 13, 2009

Lies We Tell Our Children

I'm so pissed at the tooth fairy. That wench* completely blew us off this week. Twice.

The Boss lost her second tooth. She was SO excited. She could not WAIT for the tooth fairy to come. We talked all about whether the tooth fairy would let her keep her tooth or not because she wanted to show it to her friends. We finally decided to just let the tooth fairy take the tooth. Tooth fairy protocol, after all.

And then the wench didn't show. No dollar, no nothing. Have you ever seen a 6 yo face forgotten by the tooth fairy? It is a very, very sad face.

And then Nanny figured it out. The Boss must have forgotten to ASK the tooth fairy to come. Oh, man! How could we forget that? So the Boss wrote a note on her dry erase board to remind herself to ASK the tooth fairy to come. And THIS time, the Boss remembered to ask before bed.

But the next morning, AGAIN, nothing but a SUPER sad 6 yo face. So being the fast thinking super mommy that I am, I ran downstairs when the Boss wasn't looking, grabbed a dollar from my wallet and while the Boss was in the bathroom brushing what's left of her teeth, I grabbed the lost tooth which had thankfully fallen under the bed -- the Boss hadn't yet seen it was still there -- and threw the dollar there instead.

"Boss!!!" I cried, "Come see what I found!!!" I showed her the dollar under the bed ("It must have fallen there while you were sleeping!") and the super sad face turned into a super relieved and happy face.

I TOTALLY saved the wench's ass. But damn that freaking* tooth fairy!

* I could use stronger language here, but I just can't bring myself to curse out the tooth fairy. Especially when he's had alot on his mind at work this week.


the mama bird diaries said...

That tooth fairy is lucky to have you around.

Lori said...

LMAO. that wench was a cheapskate back when i was a kid, i only got a quarter. LOL and she forgot to come anymore when i lost the last few teeth. she must have lost the map to our house or something. santa at least always comes. but for some damn reason never brings what i asked for. sheesh. reckon i should be grateful I didn't get the dreaded bag of coal.