Saturday, May 17, 2008

We're All Growed Up!!!

I'm so excited to unveil our new look here at Up With Moms. We finally have a big girl blog! Many thanks to Vicki at Swank Web Style who was just lovely to work with. I have to admit that at first it seemed a bit indulgent to spend money on a blog design, but then I thought about all of the money Hubby has spent on golf outings, his CD collection, cookbooks and concerts over the years and my little blog expense started to look like peanuts. Hey, I deserve a hobby too!

I'm also excited because after stalking founders Beth and Tekla I've been invited to contribute to the Deep South Moms Blog, the newest soon-to-be launched sister site of the Silicon Valley Moms Group. Some of my favorite bloggers contribute to the other regional sites. If you haven't been there, you gotta check it out. It's a feast for mommy mind -- so many great writers and so many great posts to read and relate to!


Tracey said...

It's lovely! Very clean but pretty. And welcome to the SVM's groups! It's amazing how quickly we're growing!

Cindy Fey said...

Welcome to the Moms Blogs group!

selfmademom said...

It looks terrific. So glad you're gonna be a part of the SVMoms team!!

Amy@UWM said...

Thanks, guys! So honored to be among you!!!