Sunday, February 17, 2008

Join the Movement

Because we love anything that promises to change the world for good here at Up With Moms, and because it is entirely consistent with our philosophy to embrace anything and everything that simplifies our lives, I encourage all the mommybloggers, if you haven't yet, to join me in the movement.

I realize this has been floating around the blogosphere for some time, but this newbie blogger just stumbled upon it. For those that don't know, this is the brainchild of a blogger who lives in a completely alternate universe than this suburban soccer mom. She is so cool, I don't even understand what she's writing about half the time (but I'm pretty sure I want to be her in my next life). But this post was entirely clear and made way too much sense. She reminds us that:

A) Blogs should be instruments of fun and inspiration, not torture devices of guilt

B) We are bloggers and not publishers of the New York Times, and

C) If we post less, it'll help wean us all off of our addictions to reading each others blogs and maybe we can get a load of laundry done or something (okay, this is my point, not hers).

Anyway, the idea is to post only when the spirit moves you. So I'll be posting know...whenever.

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