Monday, January 19, 2009

Sanity in Small Steps

I should be getting my house back in order.

I should be planning a nutritious dinner for my family and hauling my butt to the grocery store to make it happen.

I should be caring that my kids have been staring at screens all day long, first the TV, then the computer and now their Nintendo DS screens.

I should be catching up on work, instead of being incredibly behind.

I should be composing several very in-depth and profound blog posts about work-life balance that have been formulating in my head for some time now.

But instead of being a "good wife," "good mom," "good employee" and even "good blogger," I've been glued to the TV all morning watching the historic inauguration unfold, writing this quickie post, getting ready to play a game with my kids and take them to the movies and planning to swing by Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Screw being "good." Today, I'm opting to just BE.

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anniegirl1138 said...

You're modeling good citizenship.