Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The X Factor

At the S. dinner table...

Hubby (to Amy): Wanna watch "Lost" with me tonight?

Amy (voice dripping with exhaustion and slight...ok, maybe more than slight...resentment): Can't. Have to get the house cleaned up and ready for my parents' visit. And then I have work to do for work.

Hubby: Ok, we can watch it another time.

Hubby leaves the dinner table and assumes his usual position as couch potato. DD#1, 8 year-old female replica of her father, hangs back after dinner.

DD#1: Mom, is there anything I can help with? I'm happy to help.

Amy, heart swelling with pride, eyes filling with tears, walks over to DD#1 and gives her a hug and kiss.

Amy: No, thank you, sweet girl. I appreciate the offer. That's really all I needed.

DD#1: Okay, well let me know if you need me to do anything.

What a difference an X chromosome makes.


Lawyer Mama said...

What a sweet, sweet girl.

You need a cattle prod to get that lump off of the couch!

jpdmom said...

In the long run those girls will have so much respect for you and apprecite all that you do (I know I do for my mom). Thanks for commenting on the SVMoms Blog - I know just how you feel. Good luck, look forward to following your blog!

Jamie R Lentzner
SV Moms Blog

Muhd Imran said...

Good for you. Guess Wifey is not as lucky with me and Sonny being Senior and Junior PC couch-potatoes respecitively.

Funny post.

A Lost Writer said...

Aw! Now that's why I wanted a girl! I have a boy - 6 years old - and I'm not planning on any more. DH is a couch potato although he has a problem if I watch TV. (Check the counter at the end of my blog!) Anyway, my mum believes boys need to help around as much as girls do. And since he spends a fair bit of time with her while I'm at work, she's decided to train him to do a whole lot of housework. On the agenda this summer is learning to fold his clothes, and helping more around the kitchen. He already lays the table when he's at her place and will clear up afterwards. Now, I hope that continues when he's older. Fingers crossed.