Monday, March 2, 2009

It Figures

Part of my grand plan to regain some balance and sanity is to put aside a handful of my vacation days and dedicate them to "Just For Me" days throughout the year. This part of the plan was strictly prescribed by Hubby who is bound and determined to force help me to finally figure things out. My orders were clear: These days are JUST FOR ME. No work, no errands for the family, no doing things for the neighborhood Women's Club or anyone else. I am to get out of the house and do something that I enjoy.

In theory this is a fabulous idea that may even sound indulgent to the casual observer, but I assure you that it is much easier said than done. Blocking out my calendar, sticking firm to it despite major mayhem at work and then figuring out ways to occupy myself aside from daily errands (what exactly is it that I enjoy?) isn't quite in my -- or any other mom's -- DNA. But I finally mapped it out, set some dates and despite inquiries from my assistant and several other colleagues ("Are you really taking Monday off?" as if that block on my calendar were some sort of cruel joke), I began to plan my first leisurely day that was to include working out, a long, hot shower and some home store hopping to finally accessorize my living room.

What is that saying about the road to hell?

After looking forward to my day off all week, I woke up this morning and a feeling of knowing dread washed over me. I turned on the news. Reports of major school system closings. I fired up laptop. Yup, there it is. Our schools are closed. My first day all to myself has now morphed into a day of trying to figure out how to entertain the kids until Nanny got here late afternoon. What are the odds that a city where a snow day that shuts down schools comes along only about every 5-10 years has one today of all days?

It was hard to keep from looking disappointed as the kids rejoiced at their luck. It wasn't a bad day overall -- I had a nice time with the girls -- but it certainly wasn't what I had planned. At least I didn't have the mad scramble that alot of working moms did trying to figure out how to cover the kids and still make it to work (school was closed, but my office was open).

And yet it's almost as if the universe were speaking to me. Think you can manage the stress and make it all better? Think again.

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