Sunday, November 2, 2008

There's Only One Choice for Working Moms

I don't like to get all political -- at least not on this blog. My vision for this blog is to encourage moms to use their big-girl voices to speak up for themselves and to embrace the political system to take action on issues that are important to us, regardless of political affiliation. I purposely don't push my own personal political views too hard here because as mothers there's more that unites us than divides us and we desperately need to work together to enact the change we need to improve our lives and the lives of our children.

At the same time, I've made no secret of which way my personal politics lean. I have written about my own views from time to time. Being a blogger means injecting your authentic self into your writing and that's what I've always done (not to mention that big ole' Momocrats button on the side of this blog kind of gives it away). And so, since electing our officials is the first step toward embracing our political system, it is in this spirit of honesty and transparency that I offer this point of view on this historic Presidential election that will conclude in just a few days.

Of course we have huge problems to solve. Big, honkin' major issues that our next President will have to tackle. Each candidate has offered views, plans and profers on everything from the economy to national security to education to healthcare. All of those issues are obviously important to all of us as moms and we can each decide whose policies we feel will be best for our country and our families. And while it's been disappointing that none of the national debates covered the working mom issues -- equal pay for equal work, flexible work policies, family-leave policies and affordable childcare -- it's been understandable given the state of our country today. But only one candidate has addressed these issues in any way, shape or form.

Only one candidate was raised by a single, working parent and saw that parent struggle to make ends meet while trying to raise her family. Only one candidate has watched his wife struggle to balance professional demands -- in support of her own career or her husbands -- with the demands of being a strong and present mother. Only one potential future first lady has pledged to give work-balance issues a voice if the country were to elect her husband as President. Most importantly, only one candidate has actually offered a full-blown economic plan to address the needs of America's working mothers.

And despite the fact that the other candidate's running mate is the working hockey mom of the year, their complete and utter silence on issues that affect working mothers, EVEN in response to a list of direct questions posed by thousands of working moms, is at the same time astounding and telling.

Okay, I admit I've been waiting for Barack Obama to become President ever since he spoke at the 2004 DNC Convention and wished it were him and not John Kerry running at the time. But there's no denying that an Obama/Biden administration will be the most tuned in and sympathetic to the needs of modern-day mothers.

Whoever you're voting for, I wish you smooth voting on election day.


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