Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Ready To Put Yourself on the List!!!

I am writing from the plane that is taking me to NY (thank goodness we escaped the deluge that was coming down in Atlanta!) where I'll be meeting a famous TV star. Together we'll be launching a major new program designed to help women just like us -- you know, the ones who take care of everyone but themselves!

I was so honored when my boss asked me to be spokesperson for this new program. It's a message that I'm so passionate about -- one that is very consistent with what I've been writing about here at Up With Moms for the last three years.

Keep an eye on Good Morning America tomorrow morning where our celebrity Ambassador (and my future new best friend!) will be unveiling the program. And then follow @morebirthdays or join the More Birthdays Facebook Fan page for the link to the live Webcast of the event I'll be hosting in Times Square at 9:30 am where my celebrity-new-best-friend and I will be officially launching the program.

I'll also be joining some blogosphere celebs -- Julie Pippert from Using My Words, Momocrats and The Motherhood, Amie Adams from Mamma Loves, Catherine Morgan from and BlogHer, among others -- in a new blog where we'll be collectively blogging about our experiences with this new program. More details to come!

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