Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bloggers for More Birthdays

I've written before how I believe that moms can cure cancer. I absolutely believe they can. Now so can bloggers. And not just mom bloggers -- bloggers of all stripes. If you have a blog, you too can cure cancer.

As we now know, blogs and microblogs can be a powerful platforms. Lives have been saved and great causes have been supported through the words and wisdom shared on blogs. Now the American Cancer Society and its brand new Blogger Advisory Council are hoping to ignite an ongoing conversation about cancer in the blogosphere through a new initiative called "Bloggers for More Birthdays." People need to know more about what they can do in the cancer fight. Information and inspiration must be shared so lives can be saved.

"Bloggers for More Birthdays" is kicking off the effort by asking everyone to simply dedicate posts to those we love who have been affected by cancer. Sharing these stories will remind us why the fight against cancer is so important and inspire us to take an active role in the movement for more birthdays.

So if you love blogging, but hate cancer, I hope you'll grab a badge and add your voice to the cause. It's a great way to get visibility for your blog and it'll help create a world where cancer never steals another year from anyone's life.

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Tech Savvy Mama said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my post! I also hope that my readers and fellow bloggers will participate in this important cause!