Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Mommy's Day on Fathers Day

Hubby and I don't screw around. Our philosophy is, if you really want something, why not go for it? Life is just too short to pretend you're happy about something when you really want something else.

So for special occasions like birthdays, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, we honor each other with what we really truly in our heart of hearts want. A day off.

I suppose it would be different if our own fathers lived closer. We'd be happy to spend Father's Day with our dads, but with my father in the northeast, and Hubby's dad in the midwest, we're usually on our own for holidays like Fathers Day.

The girls and I just got finished serving Hubby his dream breakfast in bed -- two chocolate-frosted donuts and a tall cup of black coffee, along with the Sunday paper and his Father Day cards. Then he'll have the day to lounge around, see a movie with his guy friends and then he plans to cook himself a steak on the grill while drinking a bunch of beer. He's genuinely psyched.

I get to spend some quality time with my girls today. We're planning an afternoon of rollerskating at our local rink. Maybe a trip to the pool if we have any stamina left. I'm psyched too. In our house, Father's Day is Mommy's day with the girls and vice versa for Mother's Day. It works out perfectly.

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Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

That sounds like a great day for the whole family. Have fun!