Friday, March 6, 2009

Twitter. I Get It Now.

When I first checked out Twitter just over a year ago, I completely rejected it. I barely have time to pee much less type up my every thought. And who the hell would want to read the drivel that pops into my head?

A mere 400+ days and 92 followers later, I'm tweeting it up. Actually, I'm not really much of a tweeter. But I do love to scan the tweets that my Twitbin serves up.

It's amazing how social networks can completely change the dynamics of life. Facebook put me in touch with people I never thought I'd hear from again. It keeps me in constant contact with friends that I used to hear from by phone once a year. And I've now made amends with at least one ex-boyfriend who apologized all over himself for the jerk he was umpteen years ago. I SO did not see that ever happening!

Now Twitter's changed the way I consume media. Pre-Twitter, was my main source of news. Now @GStephanopolis, @Nightline and @nytimes are just as apt to hook me up as they capture my attention as they tweet their headlines. Not to mention................................................
oh, sorry. Got distracted there for a second. Had to check out a link someone tweeted about a funny Jon Stewart CNBC rant. Anyhoo, what was I saying? Oh yeah! Not to mention the cool, endless Web links that suck me into all kinds of sites. And with Twitter, I get all kinds of useful info like the fact that Martha Stewart had lunch with Ludacris and David Gregory did the same with Fed Chair Bernake this week.

Still, do I really need to know what Lance Armstrong is doing every minute? And really I need another distraction like I need a hole in the head (can you say "child neglect"?). But until I can wean myself off of my social media addiction, I'll be tweeting you!

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