Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who Knew?

So I managed to survive my week as a psuedo-SAHM and I have to say, I learned some pretty surprising things. First and foremost I learned that when I'm focused on just one job instead of three, life is alot easier. I actually found some time to sleep. For multiple hours. In a row. And I could think. Clearly. And breathe. Also I was suprised to learn that my children are WAY more charming and engaging when I'm not doing 500 things at once.

And despite the fact that I had some time to think and breathe, I didn't necessarily get everything done that I wanted to. I wanted to organize some stuff. I wanted to blog more. I wanted to sleep. ALOT. But alas, there were PLENTY of basic things around here that kept me busy: making meals, organizing activities, running errands, emptying our dishwasher 100 times, nagging and herding children and doing endless laundry. Of course discovering our kadrillionth (that's a word, right?) case of head lice didn't help any. I spent tons of time combing and picking through childrens' heads, and needless to say doing exponential loads of laundry. But I kept up with it and I'm happy to say the house did not implode like I thought it might left in my care.

Probably the most surprising thing I learned was how physical the labor was. By mid-week, my arms and legs were beginning to ache. I started to actually feel all of that lifting of laundry, groceries and dishes, being on my feet all day...wait a minute, are you laughing at me? Are you sure? Because it feels like you're laughing at me. So, maybe I've gotten a little soft in my two years of full-time working mom-dom. Nanny does alot around here. But whatever. I've been stretching my brain. So much that it hurts most of the time when I'm working.

All in all it was an interesting week and I'm happy to say I didn't hate it. In fact, although it's never been my life's ambition to be a SAHM, I could maybe get used to it. I did really like that sleeping and breathing thing.

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anniegirl1138 said...

Lice? Sorry about that. Have you tried tea tree oil as a preventative? I have used it since the wee one's second infestation last winter and so far it has worked. The idea is that it leaves an oily residue that makes it hard for the critters to grab hold or attach eggs to. I use the shampoo and conditioner and I don't rinse the conditioner out (Wee One swims in the tub so some does come out that way).

Anyway, sounds like you are on a better track.