Sunday, January 13, 2008


Remember playing games as a kid, if something went awry you could yell "DO OVER!!!" and it magically erased your horrible mistake and you got another chance to try again?

I need a DO OVER. For my entire week last week.

I need a DO OVER for the amount of hours I worked. You know its bad when you start to feel naked without a laptop or a Blackberry attached to your fingertips. I need a DO OVER for the amount of sleep I got. Fours hours of sleep a night just doesn't seem to help with you know...that thinking thing. I need a DO OVER for what I ate. Binging on a bag of caramel popcorn close to midnight just didn't seem to make my scale go in the direction I intended. I need a DO OVER for the exercise program I was totally going to start and didn't. And I need a DO OVER for my profound and well-intentioned new years resolution. Working too much, sleeping too little, eating crap and not exercising ain't no fun at all.


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