Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Slacker Mom on Vacation? No Problem, Mon

The fam and I just got back from a week in Jamaica. The whole thing was very ably planned by Hubby who is our family social director. If fun stuff were left to me, it just wouldn't get done. I have zero brain capacity to even think about a vacation, much less plan one. That, plus zoning out in quiet room staring at an empty wall is plenty vacation for me. Thankfully Hubby knows there's more to life and takes that bull by the horns.

The great thing about vacation is that other than making sure your kids are clothed, fed and slathered in sunscreen, you've got a great excuse to be a slacker parent. Especially in Jamaica where "No Problem" is the national credo.

Want sugar-filled Fruit Loops on top of a worthless bagel made with enriched white flour slathered with butter with a side of fat-soaked, nitrate-laden bacon for breakfast? No problem!

Want ice cream in the middle of the day? Twice? Right before dinner? Yeah, mon.

Want hot dogs for dinner? Every night? Sure, mon. Live it up...we're on vacation!

It was awesome. If only every day could be as easy as a Jamaican vacation.

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the mama bird diaries said...

Sounds great. Glad you had fun!